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Keeping up with the changing trends in independent film is hard work. Here is a reading list to help

The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide

Part indie film war story, part instructional manual for true independents, and part furious rant.

Behind The Screens

What's the deal with film festival programmers? What do they really think about your film? How do they make their decisions?

A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling

What is transmedia storytelling and what can it do for you?

The Documentary Filmmaker's Handbook

Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents

Each chapter concentrates on a different section of the business plan, including the industry, marketing, financing, and distribution.

The Future of Content

What is the media consumer/user looking for? How will the future internet operate? What will be the future business model?

Guerilla Filmmakers Pocketbook

Veterans of the indie film scene, the authors have produced numerous low budget feature films

The Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies

Veteran investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein goes undercover to explore Hollywood’s “invisible money machine,” How do the studios make their money?

Insider's Guide To Independent Film Distribution

This comprehensive manual for filmmakers and producers dedicated to film distribution and the marketplace.

The Producer's Guide to Transmedia

The Producer's Guide to Transmedia offers advice on how to fund, develop, produce and distribute content across multiple platforms.

Selling Your Film Outside the US

Our follow up to Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul. This book looks at distribution in Europe primarily, with case studies from films that have released there.

Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul

Case studies of mainly low budget indie films that forged their own paths to distribution.

Think Outside the Box Office

The book is a break through step-by-step nuts and bolts guide to distributing and marketing a film.


Documents to help you plan for budgeting of not only production, but marketing, distribution, transmedia, crowdfunding etc.

Baseline Intelligence Cost and Revenue Reports

Screen Australia budget templates

Though these are mainly for Australian producers, much of these templates can be used by anyone

Telefilm Canada

lots of forms and guidelines available predominantly for Canadian productions, but anyone can use the templates

UNCTV Producer's Guide

Budget proposal form pdf


Film Title Clearance Searches, Film Title Reports, Script Clearance Reports and Licensing of Footage, Stills, and Music

Greenlight Rights

A leading global consultancy providing corporate, advertising, and media clients access to iconic music, film, celebrities, and entertainment content.

Motion Picture Clearance Lab

Provides comprehensive, accurate, and affordable Film Title Clearance Searches, Film Title Reports, Attorney Opinion Letters, Script Clearance Reports and Licensing of Footage, Stills, and Music

Research House

Specialize in script clearances, title clearance reports, and permissions placements for product, artwork, and props. Vancouver based.

The Rights Company

Focused information to alert producers of possible legal exposure on all elements intellectual property for the entertainment business.

Suzy Vaughan Clearance Unlimited

Title reports and script clearances

Consultation—Marketing/Distribution Information Sites

Consultants and membership sites for guidance on your film's marketing and distribution options

Distributor Report Card (The Film Collaborative)

Distributor ReportCard™ gives filmmakers and producers a chance to SCHOOL THE DISTRIBUTORS. Write reviews, share your experiences and learn from other filmmakers' successes or mistakes.

The Film Collaborative

The Film Collaborators

Filmmaking Stuff

Make, market and sell your film without the middleman. Filmmaking Stuff offers resources for independent filmmakers.

Film Specific

Stacey Parks' site. More traditional distribution-focused.

Jerome Courshon

Sheri Candler Marketing and Publicity

Social network marketing guru/strategist. Committed to direct distribution to the audience by the filmmaker

Jon Reiss

Author of Think Outside the Box Office and Distribution and Marketing Strategist. Helps filmmakers connect films with audiences.

BFI Case Studies

Insight Reports for the transparent sharing of the results, outcomes and data on films awarded money from the BFI Distribution Fund.

BFI Statistical Yearbook

UK Film Council Statistic Release Calendar

Calendar of UK releases since 2009

Crowdfunding and Micro Investment

Crowd Culture

Swedish based crowdfunding. Funding is provided through a combination of crowd-funding and public grants. Crowd Culture does not take a percentage of contributions - all the money goes to the projects!

Crowdfunding Bible

The Crowdfunding Bible shows you how to launch, market and successfully operate a high-tech fundraising campaign, regardless of your chosen industry, scope or budget.

Crowdfunding for Filmmakers



Fund It

Crowdfunding specifically for Irish artists. Donations can be made worldwide.

How to crack the Kickstarter code


Crowdfunding for Latin and South American artists





U.S./UK/Canada/Australia only

Kickstarter For Filmmakers

The Kickstarter Handbook

Lucas McNelly


Crowdfunding for Nordic based projects.






U.S. and Canada

Seed & Spark

A SELECTIVE crowdfunding platform. Before approving a project, the necessary components for a successful campaign are in place: A strong team; the seed of a great film; and a compelling purpose.


DVD replication,packaging, short run duplication, DVD authoring

Copycats Media

For almost a decade, COPYCATS has helped clients produce professional DVD & CD Duplication and Replication projects.


Everything in house: from glass mastering and replication to printing, packaging, and poly wrap. Plus, other services like authoring, encoding, graphic design, and menu design.

Distribution—Digital Aggregation to Mainstream Platforms

It is important when doing digital distribution to mainstream platforms that one knows the terms that one’s aggregator has with the platforms and also if the aggregator goes through a middleman or two. This is especially important with regard to Cable VOD, but also in terms of negotiating an SVOD license/deal. Of course one wants to also compare fees and marketing support.


Devolver Digital

Devolver’s partnership with Cable VOD leader Lightning Entertainment will combine the prowess of Lightning’s longstanding partnerships in home entertainment with Devolver Digital’s expertise in reaching new audiences via media devices and digital outlets primarily regarded as gaming platforms.


Fans Of Film


Purchase bandwidth in either 20 or 240 GB chunks, paid in advance and filmmaker receives roughly 77% of revenue.


Video-on-demand distribution is the foundation of their business. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, XBox, Vudu, CinemaNow, Hulu etc. as well as cable VOD.

TFC Direct

Direct digital distribution to major platforms, aggregation services



KinoNation makes it fast and simple for independent films — from anywhere on the planet — to get paid digital distribution on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu — and dozens of other digital outlets around the world.

Might Entertainment

They work with Lionsgate (though just 1 fee), very selective leaning toward commercial.

The Orchard

US based, exclusive digital distribution service, offers placement on all major digital outlets, including internationally when able.



Distribution—Digital—Non-Exclusive and Aggregation Sites

TFC’s motto is “be everywhere.” Your film should be in every digital store that is viable and reaching audiences/consumers. And you are your own brand and hopefully engaging audiences directly, so backend your own site(s) and social networking pages too. These services will help you do that. And for more broad digital distribution in terms of mainstream platforms (such as iTunes, Netflix and Hulu) please see the Digital Distribution—Aggregation to Mainstream Platforms section below.

Big Star

Curated cross-platform platform. Niche- and festival-focused lately.

Platform focused on web series.

Busk Films

BuskFilms is a video-on-demand site showcasing the best in independent queer film.


Now closed as of December 15, 2013


now defunct


Sold to Digi Worldwide in May 2014 with new plans to include partnerships with Redbox, Redbox Instant, Walmart, VuDu, Google Play etc.


Streaming on website and Facebook and with affiliate program. Big management change happened in early 2015.

Dynamo Player

streaming on website and Facebook


Download worldwide off your site. Geo-filtering possible. Perhaps they are regrouping, as site is down.

Fans Of Film

A DIY platform.

The Film Collaborative

Direct digital


Platform focused on social interaction online.


Aggregator (though not always direct) and platform. Handles shorts and has a "festival-in-a-box" initiative.



Kanopy Streaming

Provides streaming to educational institutions and libraries.


Helps you share your videos online in an effective and high quality manner.


A digital platform for pedigree art house film. Worldwide but mostly in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Online Film

A legal distribution platform for German and international films. Films of all genres can be distributed online and marketed cost effectively.


Streaming platform for shorts and features. May be on its way out, even though it still appears online.

Premiere Digital

It is possible to go direct with them for any platform which they also have an accounting deal with. TFC Direct (Flat Fee) and Distribber use them.


Direct opt-in email DIY digital distribution window pre regular digital Distro.


now defunct



Simplifies delivery video (including Trailers) for maximizing branding and advertising. Will need the Pro level service for commercial content.


Turn your site into a store for worldwide distribution of all media. Implementation is work-intensive.


Streaming and Direct Download from your website and theirs.

Vimeo On Demand

Requires PRO account.


Monetize your film by giving it away for free.


We distribute films. Just the way you want it done.


These distributors license DVDs to educational institutions and other facilities

California Newsreel


Digital licensing for the educational setting

Bullfrog Films


UK based company providing content to schools, hotels, ferries, trains, film societies and community film groups. It operates in over 75 international countries and territories including most of the major hotel chains.

Swank Digital Campus

Distribution—Theatrical—“Service Deal” and Independent Booking Services

Area23a Movie Events

Arena Cinema

For a reasonable fee, Arena Cinema can assist you in ensuring that your feature film gets an engagement run in Los Angeles.

Balcony Booking and Releasing

They book certain theatres and can release beyond that.

Brave New Theaters



Double Exposure

Double Exposure has been distributing both documentary and narrative films theatrically for almost a decade.

Emerging Cinemas

The Film Collaborative

Floating Cinema (London)

Free Style Releasing

Future Artists

Future Artists is an independent media and film Production, Sales, Distribution and Boutique Exhibition company based in Solford, UK

Good Screenings

Indie Screenings

List of microcinemas in the US

M Tuckman Media

Theatrical booking services for indie films Upstream Color, Detropia, & American Promise as well as booker for distributors Tribeca Film, Paladin and Drafthouse Films.

Portobello Pop Up Cinema (London Microcinema)

Quad Cinemas Four Wall Select

Rangelife Entertainment

Required Viewing

Services by Steven Raphael and MJ Peckos. Handle theatrical, tastemaker and award qualifying booking.

Screenings Services Group


Variance Films

Distribution—Theatrical—Audience Demand Screenings

Service companies dedicated to working with rights holders who want to plot theatrical demand based on where the audience is.


Eventful offers a variety of online advertising packages from free event calendar inclusion to competitions for demand a screening campaigns. Ad budgets between $5K-$30K needed.


Small towns now can get first-run films--for a night--with the help of Gathr, a new "theatrical on demand" service.


A platform for movie goers that will allow reserving tickets for screenings & bringing movies to their towns.


Bringing the movies you want to your local theater

Distribution—Theatrical—Premiere/after party event planning

Companies that specialize in red carpet premieres, festival after parties, industry events

Along Came Mary

Founded in 1975 by Mary Micucci, Along Came Mary is now in its fourth decade of producing and catering events. Based in Los Angeles, CA

Event Solutions

Based in Santa Monica, CA

LA Caterer

Movie premieres are a great way to honor and motivate the actors, producers, and everyone else involved in creating a film. LA Caterer can make it memorable.

LA Premier

Located in West Hollywood, CA

Liz King Events

Westchester NY based event planner who utilizes innovative event technology and finds the perfect tools to make your events even more successful.

Wilkinson Rhodes

Based in San Antonio, TX

Distribution—Theatrical—Test Screening Services

Test screenings serve as a great exercise for gauging audience reaction, building up early word of mouth, and determining marketing strategies

First Movies International

Offers test screening services for all budget levels

OTX Worldwide Motion Picture Group

Specializes in Hollywood studio test screenings

Strategic Film Marketing

Marketing services company that offers to organize test screenings.

Distribution--Online channels

Above Average

Primarily an episodic comedy channel created by the folks at Broadway Video. Also have a Youtube channel.

Awesomeness TV

The AwesomenessTV Network is a network for people who are building their channels on YouTube and want to learn to make better videos, grow a subscriber base, & meet other creators doing the same.

Big Frame

Big Frame is a leading media company in the YouTube entertainment space. They are discerning about the channels they partner with, but can help your channel land lucrative ad partners like Chevrolet, The Home Depot, Sony, Virgin, Levis, Fox.


DanceOn is the next generation of dance entertainment, creating premium programming ranging from original dance videos, reality competition shows, docu-series, and scripted content to reach a growing global audience.

Full Screen

Fullscreen helps video creators earn more money with premium ad inventory, brand integration opportunities and more. The Fullscreen Platform gives you full transparency into your earnings. Must apply for acceptance to the platform.


Next generation video entertainment network for the gamer lifestyle aimed at young males around the world. Seeks content from top gamers, funniest personalities, and sickest video creators. Must apply for partnership.

Maker Studios

Maker is the #1 producer and distributor of online video attracting 4.5 billion+ monthly views and 340 million+ subscribers. Home to online video’s top digital stars, channels and content.

My Damn Channel

My Damn Channel is a leading entertainment studio and distributor of premium content. This includes distribution on My Damn Channel, YouTube and other online, mobile and IPTV platforms.


Tastemade is dedicated to connecting the world through food and building a scalable network of culinary tastemakers who share a passion for creating amazing programming for a global community of food lovers.

Distribution-Airline and ancillary

Encore Inflight

Inflight distribution services for major airlines

Distribution-full service

Cinema Libre

Cinema Libre Studio produces and distributes social issue films in the US.

CMD Distribution

CMD Distribution is a leader in worldwide marketing and distribution of faith based products.

Echolight Studios

EchoLight Studios has a full film distribution platform servicing theatrical, home video, digital/VOD and broadcast in both US domestic and international markets for families of faith.

Film Movement

Film Movement is a full service North American distributor of award-winning independent and foreign film. They implement traditional film distribution methods like the theatrical release, DVD sales, DVD rentals, and television.

First Run Features

First Run remains one of the largest independent theatrical and home video distributors in the United States, releasing 12 to 15 films a year in theaters nationwide and 40 to 50 videos and DVDs annually.

Icarus Films

Icarus Films is a leading distributor of documentary films.

Kino Lorber

Kino Lorber Inc is a New York-based theatrical distributor and DVD label.

Magnolia Pictures

Magnolia Pictures is the theatrical and home entertainment distribution arm of Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban’s 2929 Entertainment, specializing in a unique and eclectic slate of films, mainly high profile festival fare.


Oscilloscope Pictures is a full-service film distribution company releasing independently produced English and foreign language films and documentaries into the U.S. theatrical marketplace.

Zeitgeist Films

Zeitgeist films are strongly auteur-driven and have a distinct visual style and unique content.

E&O Insurance Providers

Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

TFC members receive a discount but prices vary and are based pending the budget and other variables.

Reiff & Associates

Reiff & Associates, LLC specializes in E&O insurance which is now needed even for digital distribution deals.TFC members receive a discount but prices vary and are based pending the budget and other variables.

Email—HTML Services (low cost)

Free to low cost email service providers


Blue Sky Factory

Constant Contact


Mad Mimi


Film Awards

Film Festival Resources

Behind the Screens: Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work

Insights by programmers from some of the world's leading festivals


Festival Focus


Short Film Depot


Ultimate Film Fest


Filmmaking—Apps—iPhone or Android

Helpful apps for the filmmaker


Free social video app for iPhone & Android. Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, SMS


iPhone app combining your video clips, photos, and sound to make a powerful, professional-quality video, sharable to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube


Short term/weekend programs dedicated to educating filmmakers on the latest trends and developments in the independent film industry

Binger Filmlab

Binger Filmlab is an Amsterdam based international feature-film and documentary development centre.

DIY Days

FREE to participants and organized by volunteers—DIY Days is about the accessibility of ideas, resources and networking that can enable creators to fund, create, distribute and sustain.

DOK Incubator

DOK.Incubator is a new training initiative providing support to European documentaries in a rough cut stage. It is open to teams—producer, director and film editor—working on a strong and creative documentary with promising international potential.

Film Independent

The Film Independent Forum is a weekend packed with unbridled truth, inspirational success stories and a chance to connect one on one with working artists who are thriving in changing times.


A unique year-long mentorship program for first-time feature directors focusing exclusively on low-budget features (<$1million).

Living Spirit Pictures

Training courses for directors, screenwriters, producers and documentary filmmakers based in London.

London Film Academy

LFA runs professional-standard practical training in all the key areas of filmmaking. All tutors are working professionals.

Maine Media

Our filmmaking program is known around the world for its hands-on style, top-tier equipment, and award-winning faculty. Learn from the best on the best equipment while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of coastal Maine.

Met Film School

London based, weekend course designed to provide a fun, hands-on introduction to the basics of direction, sound and editing and will equip you with basic technical knowledge in each of these areas.

National Screen Institute

Based in Winnipeg Canada. After more than 25 years of training and with over 720 alumni, NSI continues to develop and deliver courses to meet the industry’s needs.


Raindance tutors are all working industry professionals who will teach you how films are really made. You will have access to insider information, and most importantly you will meet other filmmakers, all working towards similar goals.

Filmmaking—Resources—Social Networks/Blogs/Publications

These sites all provide guidance, tips, best practices, case studies and a place for fellow indie artists to congregate.

Adventist Filmmakers

For Christian filmmakers (now defunct)

British Council

Chris Jones Blog

The Collaborators

The Film Collaborative's "Facebook-for-Filmmakers". You can also access it via TFC's website on the Distripedia page,

Female Filmmaking Collective on Facebook

Filmmaker's Alliance

Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmakers Social Network

Indie Mogul

Linkedin groups

Associated Producers Worldwide, Film and Television Professionals, Producers Network, Indie Film Producers and Directors

MicroFilmmaker Magazine

Digital Content Producer

Reel Ladies

Roberta Munroe

Short Film

Shooting People

Stage 32

The Stage 32 community is strictly for people working in or with a desire to work in film or theater. It’s a place to gather, to discuss and develop projects.

Starcast Auditions

A professional online service that advances actors based solely on the merit of superior talent. StarCast employs top casting directors to evaluate aspiring and up-and-coming actors and posts the very best performances as a resource for industry professionals.

Trigger Street Labs

Workbook Project

Financial Information and Box Office Analytics

Baseline Intelligence

Box office analyst

The Box Office Analyst™ Report is a data-centric publication that provides unique, relevant and actionable information to film professionals and others interested in the performance of movies at the box office.

Box Office Mojo

Film Profit

Film Proposals

Jeff Steele's Film Closings

Louise Levison, "Filmmakers and Financing"

Business Plans for Independents

The Numbers


Funding--Grants--Finishing and outreach funds

Most of these grants support outreach and audience engagement strategies. We have not included funding bodies that support the development or production of films.

Bertha BritDoc Connect Fund

The first European-based outreach and engagement fund. Open to filmmakers from around the world. The fund is looking to support smart, strategic outreach campaigns for ambitious independent documentary films with a social issue at their core.

Bloody Disgusting Finishing Fund

Bloody Disgusting (in association with The Collective) is looking for feature-length (70-110 minute) horror, sci-fi/thriller or other films in this genre from around the world. Up to $100K in finishing funds.

Ford Foundation JustFilms

JustFilms focuses on film, video and digital works that show courageous people confronting difficult issues and actively pursuing a more just, secure and sustainable world. Investing $10 million a year over five years in documentary projects.

Media Arts Grants

Grant awards assist artists in making recently completed works available to public audiences. Assists artists in meeting expenses such as: duplication of preview, screening, and exhibition copies; promotional materials including documentation and schematics of media-installation and new-media works.


SANAD is the Development and Post-Production Fund of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF). Provides talented filmmakers from the Arab world with meaningful support from within the region towards the development or completion of their narrative and documentary feature-length films. Post-production: Up to 60,000 USD per project

San Francisco Film Society KRF Grant

The SFFS/KRF Filmmaking Grants support feature narrative films that through plot, character, theme or setting explore human and civil rights, antidiscrimination, gender and sexual identity and other social issues of our time. This is NOT a documentary grant.

Women in Film Finishing Fund

Women In Film Foundation’s Film Finishing Fund (WIFF FFF) supports films by, for or about women by providing cash grants of up to $15,000 and in-kind services.

World Cinema Fund

German distributors can apply for distribution funding not exceeding 15,000 euros for the distribution of film from the WCF regions in Germany. The subsidy cannot exceed 50% of the total distribution costs.

Graphic Design

Designers who create the artwork of movie marketing campaigns for print and online,including movie posters, one-sheets, websites, postcards, physical media (ie. DVD, thumb drive), outdoor and internet advertising.

Adam Juresko

Adrian Curry Design

Akiko Stehrenberger

Blood and Chocolate

La Boca

Neil Kellerhouse

The Refinery

Steven Chorney

Tiny Media Empire

Trevor Dunt

Marketing—Advertising Services—Online

This category is just for services related to online/digital ads. Some are self service, some are agencies and ad networks

Ad Glue

Choose where your ads are seen online and next to what content. Ad stays in place for 30 days. Self serve advertising.


Smartphone/Mobile Advertising

Bright Roll


Buy advertising directly from the web’s best sites. $500 minimum for buys.

Deliver Your Audience

Facebook ads

Google Adwords

Google Content Network

Gravy Mobile

Mobile advertising particularly for driving event/cinema attendance.


Online video advertising

Steamroll Media

For cConnected TVs, Mobile Devices, the Web as well as the latest Gaming Consoles

Turn Media

Video, mobile, display and social advertising placement and analytics.


Companies who buy ads, sell media placement, or create advertising spots, such as traditional print ads.


Award winning creative agency specializing in integrated advertising and social media ad campaigns.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie offers advertising on cinema screens.


Marketing gurus, futurists, resources for the latest tips, tools and trends.

Brian Solis

Buzz Machine by Jeff Jarvis

Chris Brogan

Christopher S. Penn

Penn has a great newsletter that goes out every Sunday evening full of ideas and articles about the state of online marketing.

Clay Shirky

Gary Vaynerchuk

Irreverent and egotistical, but definitely tells it like it is on the state of online marketing. Gary walks the walk. He's also a big NY Jets fan.

Gerd Leonhard

Media Futurist


HubSpot is an inbound marketing agency, but their blog is invaluable to read to keep up with the ever changing online world.

Larry Lessig

Pam Moore

Practical advice on using online tools for marketing businesses

Sally Hogshead

Seth Godin's Blog

Social Media Examiner


Steve Stratten's blog.

Marketing—Analytics—Costly but comprehensive

Mostly for agency use




Simply Measured

Plans start at $500 per month for up to 10 profiles



Cloud-based marketing and PR software

Marketing—Analytics—Low Cost Services

Analytics gathered for free or low cost


Cyfe has developed a cloud based service that allows you to easily monitor and share all of your vital business data like Google Analytics, AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress and more from one single location in real-time.


Utilize the reach of your cast and crew as well as fans to help spread your message in social media, while they have complete control in deciding exactly which messages they would like to share on which of their platforms and how frequently.


Influitive (formerly Engagio) is a Gmail-like productivity tool to manage your conversations in social networks and commenting systems like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Youtube etc


Keyhole is an easy-to-use and affordable social tracker that presents your results in a beautiful, real-time dashboard.



Sprout Social


track how your Twitter account is growing, who engages, how far does your account reach

Who Shared My Link?

Enter a URL and find out how out many times it was shared, and which journalists & bloggers shared it.

Marketing—Community Building

Tools to build your own social community instead of relying on Facebook, Ning etc.


for Wordpress sites

Kit Digital

Formerly KickApps



NationBuilder is a community organizing platform that allows users to build and manage websites and offers tools to communicate with supporters. They also provide real time support and grassroots engagement.




Social Seed

We will consult with you before a campaign on what exactly you are hoping to achieve, and create a bespoke strategy for your video.


for mobile communities

Marketing—Direct-to-Fan Marketing Services

Whether it is an app or a complete website package, these services work directly with artists to gather and maintain their audience.

Agora Pulse

Attract more Facebook fans to your page and engage them with fully customizable viral applications. Quiz, Photo Contest, Sweepstakes, Fan Vote, and many more.


Assemble powers three core items, the website, branded trailer and facebook page apps.



Groupees are 24- and 48-hour exclusive flash sales on new releases from hot indie artists, award-winning video games and other entertainment products.


Ecommerce hosting site, shopping cart, online store builder

Social Toaster

Topspin Media


Marketing—Finding Influencers




Marketing—Grassroots & Niche Community

These are service providers for grassroots marketing outreach to communities, organizations, schools, churches etc

The Bohle Company

Marketing and PR firm reaching the video game industry and associated publications and live events.

Brigade Marketing

Cultural Front Productions

David Magdael & Associates

An indie publicity firm with a good grasp on grassroots marketing.

Film Sprout

Film Sprout handles both community / event theatrical and also grassroots marketing/outreach.


They are more focused on social media side of grassroots marketing.

Grace Hill Media

full-service PR and marketing firm established to reach an enormous and underserved population religious America. An industry leader in church-based promotion,


Picture Motion

Picture Motion is a boutique marketing firm specializing in grassroots campaigns, social action, and online engagement.

Solem and Associates

PR and Marketing for environmental and public affairs issues.

The Film Collaborative

The Film Collaborative also does grassroots marketing along with its other services. Our for-profit, New American Vision, also handles grassroots outreach for Film Society of Lincoln Center, AFI Fest, Los Angeles Film Festival, sometimes Roadside Attractions, among others.

Wesscott Marketing and Distribution

Wesscott Marketing is a full-service Christian distribution and sales representative company working with Christian and Family-Focused DVDs.

Marketing—Research—Blog Ranking

Tools to find out the influence/traffic of specific blogs


Blog Grader



Marketing—Social Media—Facebook

Tools for managing a Facebook business page


app to identify your most active Facebook fans

Edgerank checker

Lets you see how well your posts are reaching your fans.

Facebook Developers

Introduction to social plugins

Facebook Insights



for making free, easy welcome pages



evaluate the worth of your FB page

Wildfire Apps

For contests and promotions

type in a keyword and see who is talking about it, connect with them

Marketing—Social Media—Instagram

Tools for managing your Instagram presence


Followgram gives you a public interface with a vanity URL (a dedicated web address) you can share with others to show off your Instagram photos.

Ink 361

The only place to view your instagrams and turn them into lasting memories.


Analytics for instagram


Track the performance of your Instagram accounts, Access detailed reports for posts published on a specific #hashtag, Surface relevant Instagram posts via multi-type search (@users, #hashtags, locations) and the authors behind them.

Marketing—Social Media—Pinterest

This new social site has rocketed into the top 10 of all social sites on the web. If you are more inclined to use images rather than text to communicate with an audience, try Pinterest with these tools.


An expert marketing team and advanced developers have created internal tools that help brands on social pinning sites grow a highly targeted large (1000+) network of followers in just 30 days.


Pinpuff is a free-to-use tool, aiming to accurately measure Pinterest user's influence, reach and virality on Pinterest, assign a Pinfluence score and monetary values of their pins.



Turn any quote into a pinnable image


(formerly pingraphy) Management tool for Pinterest. Schedule pins and keep your followers engaged through out the day; track Repins, Likes, Clicks and Reach for every pin; Understand what your followers like and customize your content.

Marketing—Social Media—Twitter

Tools to use for managing a Twitter account analyzes your Twitter relationships and helps to focus & engage with the right people to help you.

Lets you search your followers by location, other tags.

Fake Follower Check

Before you get excited that your lead actor has 1 million Twitter followers, run the account through this tool. Every account will have some kind of fake follower percentage.

Fake Followers

Check any public Twitter account to see its ratio of real to fake followers. Every account will have some kind of fake percentage. Keep it low.


Dig deeper into Twitter analytics: Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet? Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others.


Twitter management dashboard


Find lists of people around a topic.


Traces mentions on Twitter.

A site for an array of Twitter tools. Acquired by HubSpot.


Allows you to see influence/friends using Twitter handles.

So Popularity

Sopularity helps you to add the most appropriate hashtags to your tweets.This leads to a significant increase of the searchability and popularity of your tweets.



Measures the reach of your tweets.



Directory of Twitter accounts.

Twit Faxo

Twitter research.



Sorts out your Twitter timeline.


now defunct

Marketing—Social Media—Vine

Tools for using Vine, 6 second videos

Simply Measured Vine analytics

How are your Vine Tweets engaging followers, which Vines are being shared most, how does your Vine content compare to Instagram, Youtube, and other visual media on Twitter?

Marketing—Social Media—Youtube

Tools and services to aid in using Youtube for marketing


Reel SEO


Viewbix lets you add interactive apps to your videos that engage viewers and drive calls to action. Works with Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook videos.

Marketing—Web Evaluation / Grading

Tools for grading the effectiveness of a website or video


Online Video Grader.

UpCity SEO Report Card

UpCity will analyze any site for FREE and see how it ranks in search engines. Reports sent to your email address.

Website Grader

Merchandise—Ecommerce / Shopping Cart Services

These companies are either ecommerce plug ins or all in one solutions for selling physical merchandise from your own site.Also great for fulfillment on crowdfunding campaign perks.


All in one ecommerce solution. Sell your merchandise directly to your fans.


While ecommerce sites help you sell and collect payment, fulfillment companies actually ship the products and deal with returns/customer service. Good for crowdfunding fulfillment too!


The Connextion


Monitoring and Understanding Online Behavior (to be used in combination with apps)

Monitoring—Online Presence

Track your own online properties and how they are perceived by the public.


Google Analytics


Online Identity Calculator. Tip: Log out of Google mail first.

Website Grader

Monitoring—Social Media

By using online monitoring tools, published material is delivered daily to your inbox allowing you to monitor topics/keywords easily.

Google Alerts


RSS feeds

Talk Walker

Music—Royalty Free and Paid Licensing

for use as music beds for trailers, video clips, podcasts etc


Find the perfect soundtrack for your multimedia project among more than 130,000 quality tracks by original up and coming artists and for attractive rates.

Right Clearing

The entire process from searching for songs to creating and paying for binding legal licenses has been automated.

Royalty Free Kings

‘pay once, use forever’ licensing fees specifically for projects with budgets under $250,000


Hiring an experienced music supervisor let's you access their ongoing relationships with the major and indie labels and publishers to ensure getting the maximum out of your music budget. Skillful negotiation of the most favorable licensing fees, terms and conditions for the music you want, and accurate "no-holes" delivery of your Music Rights Package to distributors.

Deep Freeze Music

Format Entertainment

Create the right musical tone for the project and assist with rights clearances and negotiations

La Ronda Sutton

The Music Bridge

Los Angeles based.

Velvet Ears

Experience with indie docs, narrative films and TV series

Publicity—Blogger Outreach

These tools help you build a database of bloggers for publicity outreach. Blogger outreach is mainly about building relationships. It’s reaching out to bloggers to find out how you can help each other.

Buzz Stream

There are 2 parts to the product, an influencer outreach package and a link building package.

Easy Media List

For those who want to conduct their own publicity, this site is a fantastic resource for buying up to date media lists.

Group High

Discovery engine which consists of 13 million blogs and can be used to automate research and track engagement.


Our search algorithms to find the blogs that your target audience is already reading.

Publicity—PR Firms

These are publicity firms that handle traditional PR (festival and theatrical release). Some may also handle digital PR.

Bond Strategy and Influence

Bond Strategy works to gather clear insights on who the target audience is and then develop custom digital and offline strategies that drive success in both box office and digital sales.

David Magdael & Associates

Falco Ink

Ginsberg Libby

inclusive PR


Jeremy Walker and Associates

Jeremy Walker is veteran movie publicist with twenty years of experience who has created memorable campaigns for all kinds of movies.

Nancy Schwartzman

An early adopter of cutting edge media tools for women's safety and dynamic storytelling, Nancy is a sought-after speaker and consultant working with college campuses, military populations, independent filmmakers, and international organizations.


Publicity—Press Release Distribution, EPKs, Press Kits

24-7 Press Release

Cision Wire



Marketers Media

Widespread Press Release Distribution to more than 750 Premium Media Outlets. Get Found on Major Search Engines

MDS West



PR Newswire

Shoot Publicity Wire

Subtitling, Closed Captioning and Transcription Services and Solutions

3 Play Media

Video Captioning, Transcription, Subtitling


(Note: They apparently cannot produce .cap or .scc files). The most powerful and flexible subtitling platform in the world. Works with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, and more. Embed the video anywhere. Add subtitles yourself or ask viewers to help.


Dialogue List transcription

Closed Captioning Services, Inc.

subtitling, closed caption


Global Video Services

Some filmmakers have indicated that they are the cheapest (other than Zen Captions)

MacCaption and CapionMaker

$1100 might seem like a lot for a closed captioning software package (there's one for Mac, one for Windows...and that's only the entry level version), but DIY CC instead of going through a lab (or having your distributor do it for you and recoup) might save you money in the long run.

Paragon Language Services

Asian and European, close caption, transcribing, translation and subtitles

Zen Captions

much cheaper than some other services, but we have had some issues with them not correctly positioning lines to accommodate existing lower-thirds.

Theatrical—Non Traditional / Educational

Services that book films with organizations and work in a more grassroots and event oriented manner. Also includes airline, correctional facilities and museum public performance licensing

Entertainment in Motion

EIM provide high quality entertainment to over 130 airlines around the world. In order to supply our airline customers with the variety of entertainment they demand, we offer first run theatrical films from Hollywood as well as first run Chinese films and the latest in theatrical releases from France.

Film Sprout

Grassroots and community distribution for independent documentaries.

Swank Motion Pictures

Swank Motion Pictures is the major non-theatrical movie distributor, online CE/CME education distributor and public performance licensing agent in venues where feature movies are shown publicly.

Tips and Guidance for Crowdfunding

Coffee and Celluloid


Crowdfunders Bible

Hope for Film

Jennifer Fox's Guest Posting about "The First 6 Tips For Launching A Six-Figure Kickstarter Campaign"

John T. Trigonis

Joke and Biagio

King is a Fink

Julie Keck & Jessica King

Microfilmmaker Magazine

Sheri Candler's Blog

Title Sequence / Motion Graphics

title sequences, DVD menus, in-film graphic design

Art of the Title

David Rowley

David Rowley specializes in motion graphics for film and non-profits; he recently did all the graphics and the titles for 2013 Sundance award-winning doc Dirty Wars.

Handcrafted Films

Designer/filmmaker Evan Mather is an an independent filmmaker and landscape architect based in Los Angeles known for his short films spanning multiple genres—including animation, documentary, essay, music video, and film title design.

Kook Ewo

Paris based designer whose titles include Silent Hill, Martyrs, Solomon Kane

Scott Gordon

Los Angeles based freelance designer whose films include Hunger Games (DVD menu), Kick-ass (DVD menu), Locked in a Garage Band (opening title)

Smith Lee Design

Pride themselves on offering directors, producers and post supervisors a personal and collaborative experience. They take on very few projects, so each project gets full attention. Films include: Jeff, Who Lives at Home; John Carpenter’s The Ward; Up in the Air, and Juno


London based VooDooDog works with many Hollywood studios and TV Studios, but also works with indie filmmakers.

Traditional Advertising Agencies

These are companies who buy ads, traditional print ads and of course now also online too. We're starting with just a couple companies but will add more soon.

Callan Advertising Company

A great full service advertising agency.

Sawyer Entertainment


List of experienced trailer editors/companies. Some are creative agencies that handle all aspects of an advertising campaign.

Aspect Ratio

Trailers made for films such as Jeff Who Lives at Home, The Adventures of TinTin, and Lawless. Based in Los Angeles, CA

AV Squad

AV SQUAD is a creative advertising agency that focuses on entertainment marketing including theatrical motion pictures, television programming, and video games.

Bill Woolery

25 years in Los Angeles, editing trailers and TV campaigns for studio movies.

Buddha Jones

Buddha Jones means a different way to create cool, unique and unexpected work.


Great rates for low budget indie film. Quick turn-around.


Domino Effect Productions

Domino Effect Productions can create an eye-catching feature film or short film trailer.

Eyeball NYC

Golden Trailer Organization

The Golden Trailer Awards recognize the creative people who make movie trailers, and the best examples of their unique art, in a gala award show. This is their directory of trailer editors and trailer houses.

Good Spot

At Goodspot, the definition of an artist is someone who can tell a story through any medium be it editing, writing, designing, or filming. Everyone who works here is a storyteller in his or her own way.

Jumpcut Creative

JumpCut (formerly Kinetic) is a movie advertising firm that has worked on campaigns for the finest in independent, foreign-language and documentary films.


Michael Kurthy

A boutique trailer house, also creates sizzle reels, promos and TV spots. Reasonable rates.


While we began as a movie trailer company, we're constantly adding new divisions, new skill sets, new toys, new technologies and new ways of thinking.

Dark Soup Films (Ross Evison)

For 13+ years Ross Evison has been editing in the film advertising/marketing arena. Creating trailers, promos and TV commercials for major blockbusters to independent features all around the globe.

Tao Creative

We create all forms of audio-visual marketing materials: trailers, TV spots, special shoots, sizzle reels, motion graphics and web content from concept through finished product for theatrical film, television and home entertainment titles.

The Hive

At The Hive, we believe in talent and creativity. We have the correct film editor for your project. The site appears to have some malware issues, so we've disabled linking

Trailer Park

All the capabilities are here….the trailers, TV spots, and print campaigns. The websites, widgets, and mobile applications. The featurettes, commentaries, and EPKs.

Video Pixie

Affordable trailer and other short video editing services. Editors bid for your job. Great for editing Youtube material.

Wink Creative

WINK CREATIVE is a NYC-based ad agency specializing in theatrical film marketing: trailers, in-theater previews and television ads for motion pictures.

Trailer—Seeding services

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, these services help your videos get views



Daily Motion

Feed Company

Film (Europe/UK)

GodTube (for Christian content)

Grab Media

iTunes Movie Trailers

free to submit but restrictions apply, send info to


Trailer Addict



Simplifies delivery video (including Trailers) for maximizing branding and advertising. Will need the Pro level service for commercial content.

Unruly Media

We can expose your content to hundreds of millions of unique users across our hand-picked portfolio of blogs, social media applications and cult websites. You only pay when people are actively watching and engaging with your content.


Video Seeding

Video seeding services include video marketing, promotion, YouTube advertising and reporting.


Viral Ad Network

We can seed your viral to millions The Viral Ad Network can help your film or game campaign go viral.

The Viral Factory

Our ability and experience in generating social engagements adds up to over 1 billion video views globally for our clients.


Virool is world’s first viral video ad network that allows companies to distribute video content through a series of online publishers.

Yahoo! Video

Yellow Thunder Media

YTM syndicates your videos to maximize organic views and help your content go viral. Advertises your video across 3,500+ premium publisher sites to help it find its audience.


Transmedia—Services and Resources

Companies the help structure transmedia stories/campaigns and resources to find out about transmedia


Mike Monello (Blair Witch Project) is the Chief Creative Officer, works on major brand campaigns

Conductrr (Rob Pratten)

A Creator's Guide to Transmedia

a book for those interested in learning more about transmedia.

Giant Mice (Brooke Thompson)

Seize the Media (Lance Weiler)

Starlight Runner Entertainment

Company founded by Jeff Gomez, handles Hollywood and big brand campaigns


Based in New York City, StoryCode is a community hub, lab and creative consultancy for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers.

Sub genre (Brian Newman)

Transmedia LA

Transmythology (Simon Pulman)

You Suck at Transmedia (Christy Dena)

Websites—Apps and Plugins

Extra tools to add to a website


Attention Wizard

the site appears to have some malware issues, so we've disabled linking

Dynamo Video on Facebook using iFrames

Facebook Connect


Miro Community

A simple way to manage 10,000+ videos, no matter where they are hosted. You get a branded video portal that: is tailored to you, drives SEO directly to your site, and integrates with your existing web strategy. Excellent for video contest management.


Websites—Content Management Systems (CMS) and Publishing & Communication Platforms

Perfect Sense

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