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Dear Collaborators,

Some of you may know that I have just completed a law degree from an accelerated program called SCALE at Southwestern Law School, a venerable Los Angeles institution and one of the top in the country for Entertainment law. I’m grateful to them for giving me a full scholarship and a fantastic legal education and experience.

This post is intended to help raise some funds for a public service the school launched: The Amicus Project, which supports important causes and positions with appellate briefs accepted at high courts. Amicus — or “friend of the court” — briefs are written by people who are not parties to a lawsuit but who want to support a position because of knowledge and concern regarding the issues. The Amicus Project at Southwestern is a first-of-its-kind professional outreach program, enabling law students, mentored by professors, to gain practical experience by researching and preparing amicus briefs on a pro bono basis for cases in which one is needed.

Southwestern honored me with the chance to launch The Amicus Project with the first brief, which was for the Ninth Circuit. I wrote the brief to the Ninth Circuit and then co-wrote another one to the U.S Supreme Court. Both involved entertainment. The Ninth circuit brief involved talent managers being disgorged of their due fees. The U.S Supreme Court one involved copyright claims by an author’s daughter against a major studio. Neither case has been resolved, so I don’t yet know the outcome. Another brief, written by another student, really makes my heart sing. It argues, pro-consumer, in support of the Aereo system as a healthy free-market response to current anti-competitive television distribution.

Here’s what my classmate and fellow amicus party has to say:

“The Amicus Project is an extraordinary program that combines public service and legal education. By pairing law students with supervising attorneys, The Amicus Project is able to provide pro bone people and organizations a voice on important legal issues.”
— quoting my classmate and co-Amicus party, Drew Pruitt, a terrific advocate on Southwestern’s Trial Advocacy Honors Program, who is currently clerking at the California Department of Justice.

By the way, The Film Collaborative has enjoyed referring its members to Southwestern’s pro bono legal film production clinic, part of the school’s entertainment law Biederman Institute. Our members have been thrilled with the school’s pro bono legal service.

I’m currently externing (clerking) at the California Supreme Court while still doing my thing at TFC. I graduate next month. I’m truly committed to being of service to filmmakers and consumers alike. In general, please do let us and me know if and how we can help you and your careers.

And now, please join me in donating what you can to the Amicus Project. Our goal is $1,000. The money goes to helping the briefs get submitted to the high courts. The benefit is unpaid advocacy for important issues and overall public service.

UPDATE: Below is a video from Southwestern Law School’s Amicus Brief Showcase that talks covers all the cases, including Brown v. NCOP and ABC v. Aereo.

More information can be found at SW Law School’s livesteam page.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Orly Ravid
Founder, The Film Collaborative

What the Money is For:

The Film Collaborative wants to raise funds to support The Amicus Project because of what it does to support important legal issues related to film and media and to support the school's entertainment law efforts in general. The funds will just pass through us and 100% will be donated to The Amicus Project. The money will be used to pay for brief copies required, especially when submitting to the United States Supreme Court. One has to submit enough briefs for all the justices etc and there is a specific printing process and specific printers that one has to utilize when submitting. Also, the money will go toward copies of briefs for students, to help their careers.

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